I lost my son during vacation, it was the scariest thing

I am on vacation in Italy with my husband and our 8 year old son. We are having an amazing time. Finally my son has reached the age where he is enjoying sight seeing, and loves to explore the city with a little less wining. He knows and follows the basic rules such as; you’re not supposed to wander off, you have to keep close to your parents in crowded places, and even hold hands when necessary. And at that moment when we are standing at a souvenir stand, making a very important decision which is the perfect fridge magnet to represent Venice on our fridge, we turn around and he’s not there. This time, I take a breath and try to calm my self down. I know he didn’t wander off somewhere, he’s right next to us somewhere. But as we stand and look around for more than 30 sec, my heart picks up pace, and

I start to scroll through all the possible scenarios in my brain of how we are going to look for him in the crowded Piazza San Marco. Few minutes later, we find him squatting down, on the other side of the stand, looking through souvenirs.

It was pretty though 😇

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